Our tributes to Khaiyyam who passed away recently. Listen to his immortal songs here.

About this site

The pages on this website are created by importing the ASCII itrans song files and putting them all in database. I am working on creating interfaces for people to correct the pages.

Contact me if you have any suggestions/ideas.


  • Automatic transliteration from ITRANS lyrics to unicode. (This is a bootstrapping step, once all lyrics are reasonably converted, ascii text will be archived and removed! Unfortunately automatic transliteration for movie names and singer/lyricist/stars is not done as they are not entered as consistently in ITRANS!). This is where community could help.
  • Full cross-reference: movie to songs to people.
  • Discussion threads for each song/movie/person

Todo / Limitations :

  • Fix database inconsistencies - Same name spelt differently is counted seperately. Different movies with the same name got merged together. Work on community admin features is in progress.
  • Automatic import from r.m.i.m newsgroup
  • Automatic import from other websites