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The songs included in The Consolidated ISB are also the basis for three independant sites each of which presents its own interface to the ISB and each of which also includes the songs in Devnagari font. giitaayan is another window into the Consolidated ISB with Devnagari script and some very sophisticated indexing.
Here are some excellent Lyrics sites...some iTrans compatible, some not

Anil & Hrishi'sLATAnjali page
Other interesting or useful sites about Indian Music....
Satish Subramaniam's RMIM page (has not been updated for some time now)
Pancham Online - a comprehensive site on R D Burman, with song searches - but no lyrics
Nita's Urdu Poetry page
Some Rare recordings by Master Madan, Begum Akhtar, K L Saigal and Kamala Jharia are available at
... more songs can be heard at* India Radio
RMIM has now a web-site by itself that contains reports of old events and news of upcoming events in the RMIM world. And finally, the newsgroup that is a watering hole for Indian music enthusiasts of varying hues. Alternatively, you can use Google to have a browser based interface to RMIM postings.

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