The Consolidated ISB having been booted out of its home several times over the past three years has finally been provided a place to reside by three individuals - Surajit Bose, Nita Awatramani- Naqvi and Aashish Thakker. All users of this web site stand in debt of these individuals for having rescued this web resource for all of us to use.
This release of The Consolidated ISB owes much to the following individuals
Srinivas Ganti
Prithvi Dasgupta
Urzung Khan

Much is also owed to those who maintain the various web-sites which have been a source for many of the lyrics contained in the Consolidated ISB - Nita, Vandana, Surajit, Prithvi, Anant Mathur, Rajiv Shridhar, Alfaaz, Anurag Chandra & Navin Kabra as well as to legions of enthusiastic RMIMers and music enthusiasts whose participation and encouragement makes this labour of love worthwhile.

For a note on the evolution of the ISB, you can go to Anurag Chandra's web site. A brief extract is included here.